Robert Brassard

Vice President, Development

Robert Brassard is leading First Renewable Energy Partners development projects. He is a former Senior Executive from Capital Power and EPCOR Utilities. Over the years, he has held a number of executive-level roles in the energy sector including VP operations, SVP corporate strategy, market forecasting, corporate planning and supply chain management. While at Capital Power, he was on the Strategic Investment Committee and helped structure the corporation towards renewables and new technologies with over $1 billion in investment decisions. As VP Operations, he operated 11 power generation assets located throughout North America including a range of renewable power generation assets such as wind, hydroelectric, and biomass. Natural gas exposure includes a variety of co-generation and peaking facilities. As a result, he has significant expertise in all of the commercial aspects associated with developing renewable energy.

Mr. Brassard is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s General Management Program and the Leadership Development Program at Queen’s School of Business. He holds a Master’s degree from the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta and a second Master’s degree from the University of Manitoba. He has also received a Certified Corporate Director (ICD.D) designation from the Rotman’s School of Management.

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